Saturday, March 12, 2005

How a guy from Edinburgh ended up following the Red Sox

There is a Dundee United fanzine, I guess the early paper equivalent of a blog, entitled 'the Final Hurdle', which recognized that team's ability to get to their final hurdle - the Scottish Cup - but never to win it.

So when a guy from Scotland ended up in Fenway Park in September 1996, saw the American League Brewers hand out a good whupping to the Sox, my interest was piqued. The Red Sox seemed just as capable of getting to that final, and just as capable of not winning it all (for the innocent, United climbed over that final hurdle in 1994, but tripped ever so slightly in 1974, 1981 (though it took two attempts to lose that year), 1985 (opposition scored twice in last 5 minutes), 1987, 1988 (opposition scored twice in last five....) and 1991). I am sure that sitting in an appropriately reclined chair, with an appropriately expensive therapist, I would understand why, just 2 years after releasing one Curse (and yes there was one, involving the display of the Scottish Cup in a funeral home... on a Sunday.... - the curse just didn't have a name - I guess CHB never made it to Scotland) I decided to buy into another. But United came good after 24 years of my life, and only twenty active years of support, so if the Sox came good any time before 2016 .....

they did come good before 2016 didn't they?

2 threw a strike:

At 8:32 pm, Anonymous Bouncy Techno said...

One team in Dundee!
There's only one team in Dundee!
One team in Dundee!
And it's no Dundee!

At 1:42 am, Blogger Neil H said...

and I have just realized I was wrong - the curse did have a name - the Hampden Hoodoo - given that all Scottish League and FA Cup Finals were played at that ground - the only two finals that weren't played at Hampden during that era (there were more moved when Hampden was being reconstructed)- United won them both!


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