Friday, March 03, 2006

Yankees lose opener

I came in from work to be confronted by baseball, and by the Yankees and the Phillies. Spring Training is well and truly getting underway and the Yankees start their campaign with a loss.

Major Points

Chacon and Small looked impressive on the mound. Henn gave up a two run bomb but settled after that to retire four straight. J Brent Cox looks good when he keeps the ball down in the strike zone, the one pitch he left up left the yard.

As for the hitters, well Damon got a couple of hits, Andy Phillips mashed one out as he competes with Bernie Williams for the starting DH spot and speaking of our erstwhile former CF custodian, he played RF, a position he may well get to play quite a bit this season as Sheffield gets his half days off DHing.

The Pitchers are the ones that interest me more as hitters don't need as much time to find their stroke. I have repeatedly claimed that Aaron Small was a fluke but I liked his stuff today, and that great voice from the booth Michael Kay informed us that Mel taught him a new way to throw his sinker last season and that helped him a lot. Maybe Small is for real and maybe Mel wasn't as bad as George kept making him out to be.

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