Thursday, March 24, 2005

Moose in the bp by May?

I often read the MLB forum and today I was browsing through and I come to a thread about the Yankees. One guy (agentfish) laid into the Yanks and in particular Mike Mussina.

Mike Mussina - again no doubt that Mussina is a good pitcher, but he's getting on in years and who knows how much his arm has left. I can see him ending up in the bull pen by May. His 4.59 ERA from last season says it all.

These are the people that give us UK baseball fans a bad name, Mussina in the bp by May? What on Earth is this guy thinking?

Mussina is a great pitcher and the best #2 in the AL, a guy who the last time he pitched at the Stadium was 6.1 IP through a perfect game. I expect a huge year from the Moose. He is the most under-rated pitcher in the AL - Yes I said Mussina was under-rated. His performance last year was down but that did have a lot to do with the Japan trip and his first real injury of his career. He looked awesome towards the end of last season and should he be fully healthy, I am expecting a big year without the added pressure of leading this staff.

Mussina has so many pitches that the hitters honestly have no idea what they are going to be served up. His knuckle-curve is one of the down right filthiest pitches in the game. If he can still spot that Fastball and blaze it at 95/96 MPH then he is a premier pitcher who should go early in fantasy drafts, whereas he seems to be providing excellent value in rounds 8-10 at the moment.

A lot of people, including my esteemed colleague Mr Hay think that Mussina is starting his natural old-age decline but I'm far from convinced. Maybe I just have hope that at 36, he can still get that Cy Young he deserves, or pitches a perfect game, he has been a great pitcher for so long but has won nothing except Gold Gloves and he is better than that.

He is a borderline Hall of Famer, but needs those one or two big years at the end of his career to tip him over the edge and get him into Cooperstown. As it stands he doesn't make it, but a Cy Young and it is all up in the air again.

Mussina in the bp? Some people...

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