Thursday, March 17, 2005

Looking out for our children's interests... not our own media interests

I went to work today - my employer didn't ask me if I had ingested any un-prescribed, controlled substances (particularly ones that may have helped me do my job better!) ... come to think of it they didn't ask me if I had broken any other laws today either...

And yet, Congress isn't calling hearings to determine whether my employer and I are in danger of promoting unhealthy practices for future generations - despite the fact that the industry I am employed in is far more economically significant, and employs far more people, than the baseball industry...

Any guesses why?

I think it is fair for an employer to expect its employees to live by the laws of the country they live in - if those employees choose not to, then I would consider that society's problem, not an industry problem.

And yet Congress isn't looking at a society's steroid problems, it is looking at baseball's steroid problem... any guesses why? Well watching the hearings on TV today, I am guessing that the multiple TV cameras and press lenses explain the reason for these hearings, regardless of any moral high horses that members of the Committee are currently mounting.

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