Monday, March 14, 2005

Those new Yankees

Well as you'd expect the Yankees didn't take losing to those pesky Red Sox lying down so they made the moves that you'd expect they would make. First priority was clearly starting pitching and they wanted one man, that man was wilting out in the desert and after an age he came to the big apple via a cameraman.

Randy Johnson is a fantastic pitcher, he is also the wrong side of 40 and has a history of back and knee troubles. Still he has three years on a contract with the pinstripes and he could win 70 games for the Bronx Bombers in that time. He'll strike them out at a vast rate and will lead the rotation this year and you have to say he is a great signing.

He'll be joined in the rotation by two other newcomers, Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano. Wright is a signing that many Yankee fans will be unsure about as removing him from Leo Mazzone in Atlanta may mean a dramatic downturn in fortunes for the right hander. Pavano looked like he was heading to Beantown but signed a four-year $40m contract with the Yankees. He has stellar stuff however the Yankees IF defense may hurt him, still a good #3 starter behind Johnson and Mussina.

In the 'pen the Yanks didn't go and get Steve Kline for some unknown reason but did re-sign Tanyon Sturtze and trade for Felix Rodriguez and Mike Stanton. Rodriguez is a hard thrower who could add depth to the 'pen and Stanton had a surprisingly healthy 3.16 ERA last season but did allow many of his inherited runners to cross home plate. Hopefully Joe trusts them more than the previous inhabitants of the pen behind QuanGorMo.

As far as hitters go Tony Womack replaces Cairo at 2B and at a vastly inflated price. Not keen on this addition to be honest and I hope Womack hits 9th. Tino returns and is slated to see a lot of time at 1B with Giambi DH'ing. Tino has always hit well in Yankee stadium but is still a below-average 1B but the Yankees do not need anything more than .275/20/80 from Martinez who should hit at eight.

On the bench Bubba Crosby looks set to break into the opening-day roster and he'll be joined by Ruben Sierra and John Flaherty who both signed one-year deals in the off season and Ray Sanchez will replace Enrique Wilson as the backup IF.

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