Sunday, March 27, 2005

The under / over response

Well I can't possibly let my Yankee optimist blogging colleague get away with that, and hopefully we will revisit these at season's end - we should really have some sort of wager on these!

1) under - JD will play CF for the Yankees in 2006
2) under - are we talking about the real Godzilla...with Godzookie in tow?
3) over - Yankee OF will make 5 outs all season
4) over - he will pitch that one inning, but he will give up more than one run
5) under - Moose will spend more than 20 days on the DL
6) under - he will win 18 games, but Curt will win 21
7) over - Arroyo will plunk him, and A-Rod will go to 1st without a wimper
8) over - Rivera will spend more than 30 days on the DL
9) under - but they will make a trade for a major name pitcher in June
10) under - but if they do..... will trade him for Ben Sheets
11) over - before June 1st
12) under - never, the Sox wouldn't, Roger wouldn't...would he
13) over - Captain Intangibles will move to 2nd, with A-Rod moving to SS
14) under - Posada wont be at the A-S game
15) over - but....JG will be traded in 2006
16) over - Nixon will get a single AB against RJ in 2005
17) under - David Ortiz will not spend an inning in the field against the Yankees
18) under - A-Rod will start the AS game in 2005
19) over - Gary Sheffield will get plunked more times than Yanks
20) over!

and some more insights into 2005

21) Jason Giambi will be jeered louder in Yankee Stadium than in any other ballpark
22) Bernie will hit less than .250 for the season, and again be the worst defensive CF in baseball
23) Nomar will go 11 for 14 in interleague play against the Sox, including 6 HR
24) Javier Vazquez will win more games in 2005 than Pavano and Wright...combined
25) Baltimore Orioles make the playoffs as the AL wild card

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