Monday, April 04, 2005

1st Inning

Well baseball is under way for 2005, starting where it seemed to finish with the Sox and Yankees - do non Sox or Yankee fans get fed up with the hype? Some of us are forced to watch this on YES, as ESPN is blacked out in New York for today's game. Which as Neil M knows, means I get my favorite commentators... not!

Highlights of the pre-game - Kruk revealing he really is an ignorant oaf - I hope DePodesta has that pregame taped - Wells getting a friendly Bronx welcome!

BOS: R 0 H 0 E 0
NYY: R 0 H 1 E 0

Johnson threw the first pitch at 8.11pm, a foul ball by Damon, accompanied by 50,000 flash bulbs! And first at bat leads to a ground out to Womack, and the Yanks have won the World Series - on no that was just the commentator reaction! Well RJ is perfect through 1, with the aid of a big plate - Renteria seemed to be out on a high pitch, Ramirez on a low, and inside, pitch.

Wells in Red Sox, wearing #3 - doesn't quite seem right. My first Sox / Yankee game at Fenway saw Boomer start for the Yanks and pitch well - fingers crossed! Jeter gets a nice blooper to start off his season, A-Rod flies out, Sheff forces Jeter at 2nd and Wells gets uber-clean up hitter Sierra to make an ugly swing for a K.

Well it may be opening day, but my stomach butterflies say it is a lot more than that!

So Neil, how does RJ look in real live pinstripes for ya?

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