Monday, March 28, 2005

Opening night: Johnson v Boomer

So it has been confirmed that Curt Schilling will not be back in time to face his old D'Back colleague Mr Johnson on the opening night of the season at The Stadium. Schilling will open the season for Triple-A Pawtucket and if things go well for the him and the Sox, could make the start on the 12th against the Yankees. David Wells is now all but confirmed as the starter for Sunday's game.

The former Yankee gave up five runs on eight hits over five innings, as he tuned himself up for the big one with his final start of Spring Training against the Phillies on Monday afternoon . Boomer is known as a real gamer and was simply fantastic last season when he pitched back at The House That Ruth Built when he kept the Yankees off the board through eight innings before Hoffman blew the save and the Yanks won in extra innings.

Randy Johnson in pinstripes. I am looking forward to this, if he stays healthy, just wow. If then we can bring back the Rocket for whoever gets injured during the season, Wright? Pavano? Brown??? Then what a 1, 2, 3 punch we'd have for the play-offs. It really doesn't bare thinking about.

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