Monday, April 04, 2005

2nd Inning

I miss Vazquez, he hasn't given up a run in the regular season unlike that Randy guy...

BOS: R: 1 H: 2 E: 0
NYY: R: 1 H: 3 E: 0

Right Ortiz nailed a double on his first ever pitch from Randy Johnson, he would have scored on a Kevin millar Home Run if it wasn't for a great catch by Matsui. A groundout followed moving Ortiz up to 3rd base and he scored on a Jay Payton line drive single to LF on a 1-2 slider. A generous strike three call ended the inning.

Godzilla drills a single to open up the inning after falling behind 0-2. A pop up by my boy Jorge and then Giambi gets a standing O, class act from the Yankee fans. He responds by lining one to RF moving Matsui up to 3rd. In comes Bernie 'Everyone says I'm washed up' Williams. He delivers with a Sac Fly scoring Matsui. Womack grounds into a fielders choice and we are all tied up at one after two innings.

Neil, what about this strike zone eh?

0 threw a strike:

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