Thursday, September 15, 2005

Another 2 wins

Both teams won tonight - the Sox on the back of another MVP performance from Ortiz (come on Neil, give it up already...), and the Yankees on the back of another abysmal Rays pitching performance... who says this Sox fan can't be objective? (though did you see the way that A-Rod popped out in the 8th with the bases loaded, with the chance to blow open the game... I am just saying...)

The Yankees finish off their season series against the Rays tomorrow, and can get that season score back to 8-11 with the sweep, while the Sox face the Oakland Athletics in a very short homestand. Once these four games are over for the Sox, the two teams schedules are exclusively AL East match-ups, and those last three just get closer and closer.

For all that non Sox or Yankee fans bitch about the attention these teams garner, they sure do know how to generate tension. If it does get down to those last three games...

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