Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The perfect season - 1 down, 161 to go

Well Opening Day may be the most exciting of the year, but not when you are stuck in the office, in meetings and have that horrible wait while Yahoo Sports opens up the MLB page and the score appears...

Thankfully when I escaped the meeting at 4.30 ET, the Sox were 6-2 ahead, and on the way to their first opening day win since 2000, and the dream of the 162-0 season remains... at least for another day - lets just hope that we don't repeat 2000 in all it's glory - an opening day win followed by 4 straight losses and an 85 win season... yugh

While I have the full MLB Extra Innings package, it doesn't let me see the replay of the game on NESN at night, so my only sight of the game so far has been on ESPN - Schill looked great, Ortiz looked Ortizesque - but my highlight... Coco Crisp running the bases... man he just flies - even my wife said - "wow, look at him running!". Sadly though ESPN didn't think it worthwhile to show Lowell's HR - and if he hits, this offense just takes on a whole other threat level - nor did they show Foulke struggle - from the game track he seemed to be getting hit hard.


Now watching the Yankees game - and again with local broadcasting rules on Opening Day, I get the cheery YES crew rather than ESPN - I really do love the inane drivel that spouts from Michael Kay... his introduction of Damon in the pre-game was worthy of poet laureate status. We are in the 2nd inning and the announcers have drooled over the lineup about 30 times... the Yanks are 3-0 up and it has nothing to do with the lineup, and everything to do with a horrific performance from Zito.

Another over / under prediction - number of media outlets that say this is evidence that the Yankees will score more than 1,000 runs... 1,000 - although if they face pitching like this all year, count me in that bandwagon!

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