Tuesday, February 13, 2007

To pay or not to pay...

In a few years Mariano Rivera will be standing in front of a large group of people proclaiming how happy he is to be entering the Hall of Fame. His perfect smile beaming as photographers take his picture whilst wearing a Yankee Cap, the future is bright and his legacy is assured.

Here though in 2007 there is talk that the Yankees aren't ready to extend his contract with the club just yet. The last #42 in the history of the game could spend the finals of his glorious career wearing a different uniform, surely this couldn't happen?

In all honesty its very unlikely to get to that. Mariano Rivera has been well paid by the Yankees throughout his career and as long as he proves his health throughout the upcoming season, there should be little question that he'll get the two year extension that he is looking for.

Some say that he should get the extension now and to show him the money. I don't argue this point but I think it is a prudent decision to wait and see how his arm holds up. The superstar closer is 37 years old and despite logging four straight sub 2 ERA seasons, age will catch up to him one day.

If Rivera is healthy then expect to keep hearing Metallica's music blazing in Yankee Stadium in 2008 and in the new ballpark in 2009. Just because they haven't already signed him up doesn't equate to them not showing him respect, the future of the Yankees involves Mariano Rivera, not just for 2007 but beyond.

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At 10:02 pm, Blogger Pete J said...

Its pretty simple, the Yankees have to give him an extension as he is the only sure thing they have in the way of relief pitching.

Sure they have gone out and gotten the arms to maybe give the club a decent pen this year but none of them can be relied on in the same way as Rivera and if you want to let your closer go you better have a good idea who will take over.

He also might be the only player on the entire roster who you can bank on going into the playoffs to be truly money. He's a horse that needs to be ridden till he's glue.

At 10:04 pm, Blogger Neil M said...

Mo will be a Yankee in 2008, make no mistake. Looks like they may not sign him up just yet but he will pitch in the Bronx next year, Cashmoney knows this.

At 10:57 pm, Blogger s1c said...

I saw where Torre said the days of the 4 or 5 out save is over for Mo. To me this means they will give him the money and of course he will finish his HOF career in pinstripes.


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