Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Power Outage

So if the heart of the Red Sox order was on strike, what on earth has happened to the pens behind this blog?

And clicking on the links in our UK Baseball Links, we are not alone - what has happened to British baseball blogging?

Well Neil M has a good excuse - his work in the written world is being done on a far bigger scale... me - not so much. I will get back to writing, although it may stray from the Red Sox and Yankees at times.

How can I not have written up the 20,000 words that I have shared in various IM sessions and blog comment boxes on the Texas Con Man? How can I not have written up the 50,000,000 refresh buttons that I have hit searching for news on Johan's trade... to anywhere in the world outside Minnesota? How can I not have written about the 3,400 hours I have spent in the Virtual Waiting Room, wondering why tickets that the Red Sox supposedly haven't put on sale yet (those wonderful Green Monster seats) are available for every game on StubHub... and wondering why at the end of those hours I still don't have any Red Sox tickets?

So I will get back to this soon - first steps first, if there are any British baseball blogs out there that I should be reading, and that we can link to the on the right hand side, please let me know!

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