Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Waiver Wire - Podcasts

Whilst the Yankees are getting a big L to take with them over to Seattle I thought I'd let you know about my latest venture.

I have gone and got myself involved in podcasting. Last Saturday Pete J from over at The Spurious World of Baseball and myself sat in a studio after I did a show and produced six podcasts. These were our first efforts but we are hoping next time to expend the features and the show itself.

This time around we just spoke about every division and how things are going. We sat there for nearly an hour and a half before deciding on a show name so we weren't exactly the most professional but we'll get better after a few stabs.

The AL East and Central are already on the site and then the other leagues will be drip fed in over the next fortnight or so. We think the next time we'll get together will be Saturday 26th May as we live a fair way apart so alas we can't do it weekly as it currently stands.

Ideas we have for next time include things such as discussing specific issues, listeners e-mails, fantasy stuff etc...

If you want to hear our ramblings/thoughts (in erm...sexyish English accents) then please visit the website. Any thoughts/feedback is most appreciated and if anyone want to contribute in any way then they can get in contact via our e-mail.

You never know - one day Neil H might join in the fun!

PS: I'm the rambling idiot speaking at a zillion slurred words a minute - you'd never guess I was voice trained by the head of the BBC voice training dept!

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