Sunday, March 27, 2005

20 things for 2005

Well the season is just around the corner so it is time to have a bit of fun. Here are 20 things I expect to happen this year to the Yanks and/or Sox. Am I too optimistic or even possibly pessimistic?

It's your call, let us know.

1) Johnny Damon will hit at least two lead off Homers against the Yankees at the stadium.

2) Godzilla will go deep 40 times

3) Yankee Outfielders will throw out fewer than five base runners all season

4) Colter Bean will pitch one inning and give up a run and will not to seen in the pinstripes again.

5) Mike Mussina will pitch a no hitter

6) David Wells will win more games that Curt Schilling

7) A-Rod will take Arroyo Deep

8) Keith Foulke will blow more than five games

9) Jorge De Paula will start ten or more games as a Yankee

10) The Red Sox will trade Hanley Ramirez

11) The Yankees will make an enquiry over the availability of Roger Clemens by July 31.

12) The Red sox will do the same.

13) Ray Sanchez will start at SS more than 15 times.

14) My boy Jorge will have an OBP above .400 again

15) Jason Giambi will once again become a feared presence in the Yankee line-up.

16) Trot Nixon will have that breakout year and break the 100 RBI mark.

17) David Ortiz will make a big fielding error against the Yanks.

18) Jeter will start the A-S game at SS.

19) The Red Sox pitching staff will hit more Yankees than vice versa.

20) Finally for my predictions for 2005...2005 will be one hell of season.

Tomorrow both Mr Hay and myself will be revealing our predictions for all the Divisions, Wildcards, Pennents and World Series Champions.

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