Monday, April 04, 2005

3rd Inning

Certainly seems a 'generous' K zone so far - but at least it is generous for both sides.

BOS: R 0 H 0 E 0
NYY: R 3 H 4 E 1

Score: BOS 1, NYY 4

Quick 1, 2, 3 for RJ after the DP - interesting to see A-Rod playing in so far, perhaps expecting a bunt from the least sacrfice hitting team in the majors.

Well a lot of trouble in that inning for Wells - Jeter, Sheff, Matsui, Posada all hit - a balk with the bases loaded - and now the Sox are in a 3 run hole. It really looked like Varitek and Wells were struggling to get on the same page with runners on.

So we have looked at the other divisions and clearly both of us have high hopes in 2005 for our teams - what about the rest of the AL East - I think the Orioles have the hitting to be troublesome, but not the pitching to be a contender, would you agree?

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