Monday, May 23, 2005

Yanks leave Shea in good shape

I don't like the subway series. There I've got it off my chest, in all honesty I couldn't give two hoots about the Mets and quite frankly find the games pretty boring. Don't ask me why but that is honestly how I feel even though we took two from three against our cross-town rivals, but it is not a rivalry, the rivalry is with the BoSox so I don't see why people get so into the Subway Series (unless of course it is a Subway World Series then I'll get into it).

A quick recap of the series:

Randy Johnson is throwing a fastball that has no movement. He isn't even throwing it that hard (low 90's) and is getting hit hard. I hope it is this groin that is causing the problem otherwise this looks bad.

Carl Pavano again pitched well, one earned run over seven innings is good enough for me. He was not helped by the defense as E-Rod booted a routine play which cost him two runs in the 2nd.

The defense of both teams was horrible.

Posada called out Randy Johnson for not covering home plate and allowing Koo to score (although he was out but Chuck called him safe because he's a poor ump). This play in turn led to an injury for Posada and kept him out of the line-up on Sunday for the rubber game.

The Yankees had Bernie Williams hitting in the three hole on Saturday - why?

Roberto Hernandez got smoked by the Yankee hitters.

Pedro again pitched well against the Yanks but failed to beat them.

Kris Benson pitched as great as his wife looks

I wanted to see my boy Kaz Ishii pitch but alas it wasn't to be.

Jeter, Posada and Sheffield all sat out on Sunday through injuries but are all expected to play come Tuesday.

The Yanks ended up on Sunday with an infield of Tino-Sanchez-E-Rod and Russ Johnson at 3rd, now that is a scary IF.

Oh and the Yankees won two out of three. They were beaten all ends up on Saturday and won two ugly games on Friday and Sunday, with Sunday being a come from behind show in the 8th thanks to two errors by the Mets (Wright and Reyes).

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