Thursday, May 19, 2005

Yankees finally lose and they lose ugly

I went to bed damn early last night as I was shattered for some unknown reason, this in turn led to me waking up and wondering why it was still dark. I sat up and looked at the PC and saw it register 3:25 AM meaning the Yanks had just started so decided to log in and watch the game. We were four up and Ichiro was up in the bottom of the 1st, sweet I thought, here goes 11 straight. I was to be most wrong.

The M's would get a couple back in the bottom of the inning and the Yanks would get it back to 6-2 before it became 6-4 again. Mussina didn't looks sharp despite sitting down nine straight at one point and only went five, but it was the 6th inning where this game was won and lost.

The Yankees loaded em up and Matsui had a 3-0 count but would take two pitches become swinging at a good fastball over the outer half of the place. Cue momentum shift and that sinking feeling. In the bottom of the inning two errors would allow the M's to tie it, Posada's botch of a third strike/wild pitch allowed Olivo to be safe at first and then Sheffield would try to gun Olivo down at 3rd only to see his throw hit Olivo and sail into the Yankee dugout.


In the 8th the Yanks got the lead off man on but instead of sacrificing him over to 2nd, Joe green lighted Cano and he grounded into a double play. Cano had earlier walked in that 6th inning, his first as a major leaguer, well done son.

In the bottom of the 8th another error by Womack allowed Reed to get to 3rd with one out and Olivo sent him home with a drive to right center field. In the top of the 9th the Yanks should've tied it up. Sheffield was on with a walk but would only go to 2nd on a solid line drive single by Matsui, he really should've been at 3rd, a more intelligent base runner like Matsui, Jeter or A-Rod would most certainly of been, it isn't as though Sheff is slow! He would've scored on A-Rod fielders choice instead of being gunned down at 3rd but there we go. We still loaded em up and Jason Giambi had a chance to be the hero.

He took strike one over the heart of the plate, he then took strike two down and away and then on 0-2 with the bases loaded and the Yanks one run down after a ten game winning streak, he stood and watched a fastball by Ron Villone sail by right down the pipe, he couldn't have thrown a more hittable pitch if he'd tried.

I hate it when players go down in crucial situations with their bat still sitting on their shoulder. All in all a very ugly night for the Yanks who should've won this game at a canter but with the off day today, hopefully they can freshen themselves up for Victor Zambrano and the Mets on Friday night at Shea.

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