Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bernie Slams; Yanks win ninth straight

The Yankees waited out Aaron Sele's best outing of the season and got to the bullpen in a big way as they slammed their way to over .500 for the first time since the opening week of the season.

After giving up two in the first, Chien-Ming Wang settled down and pitched supremely well but with no run support it looked as though he may get a hard luck Loss to his name. He retired 17 straight at one point and questions must be asked if he continues like this, how can they move him out of the rotation for Jaret Wright?

In the seventh inning the Yanks finally made some noise against the M's as Hasegawa came in to relieve Sele. After Cano ground out to short, Sheffield and Matsui both singled and A-Rod drew a walk to load em up for Tino Martinez. However he would ground into a fielders choice bringing up Bernie Williams facing JJ Putz.

Bernie stunned us all by turning on a mid 90's fastball (96 MPH) and drilling out to deep right-center field and a leaping Reed couldn't bring it back. Bernie's second shot of the year and proof that there might, just might, be some life in the old dog yet (as a hitter, no way as a CF).

Sturtze, Flash and Mo would combine to shut this one down as the Yanks took it 6 to 3. A 9th win on the spin and from nowhere this club is starting to look like everyone thought it would. Good pitching, the back end of the bp is starting to look sharp and the hitting is now there with Tino and Jorge turning themselves around, Cano settling in and stinging the ball, Womack running like anything and even Giambi had a solid opposite field hit last night.

Maybe all this talk of the demise of the Yankees was a tad premature...

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