Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Calling the Division on June 29th?

Did someone say that calling the AL East on June 26th was a little premature?

The Sox swept the series against the Indians last week, but while I enjoyed it, I didn't think it was a convincing sign that the Sox would run out the season without another loss. The last couple of days against the Indians have shown this years version of Theo's 2004 'fatal flaw' - our bullpen.

I still believe (that noise in the corner is Neil M chuckling) that Keith Foulke is a championship caliber closer, but I sure as heck wish he would start showing it. There is no reliever in our bullpen that marches in at the moment that has any sane Sox fan thinking - excellent, guaranteed outs! Mike Myers, maybe, and Mike Timlin, maybe - as long as there is no one on base, but apart from that, it is an adventure. I really do think this is a fixable flaw, and it doesn't require the radical surgery that Theo carried out in 2004 - there appear to be options in our minor league system, and middle relief of increasing quality should be available (albeit at an increasing price) as the trade deadline approaches - the most commonly named names appear to be Brian Fuentes (of the Rockies), David Weathers (of the Reds) and the entire bullpen of the San Diego Padres! I guess this is a definite case of "in Theo we trust"!

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