Monday, June 20, 2005

Jeter finally slams

It has been a while in the making but on Saturday afternoon in the Bronx it happened. With the bases full of Yankee base runners, Derek Jeter launched one into death valley and saw the ball carry out of the yard and into the Yankee bullpen and gave the home side a comfortable lead that Wang would easily hold on to.

Now the Phillies David Bell has the most plate appearances without a Grand Slam with the bases loaded (118) whilst Devil Ray OF Alex Gonzalez has the most Home Runs without plating four with one swing (132).

The Yankees played well all series and finish the week with a six game winning streak. This team does seem to be one who'll be streaky, lets just hope that the hot streaks outlast the freezing cold ones. The starters are pitching well and the hitters are starting to hit including big clutch hits.

This team is certainly providing us with a fair share of ups and downs!

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