Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Giambino erupts

The Yankees of 2004 were famed for comebacks but their 2005 counterparts have been much better known for giving up. Last night at the Stadium they chipped away and came back to beat the Pirates in extra innings behind a deep Home Run into the 10th row of the RF upper deck seats.

Kevin Brown had good stuff again but was unable to come away with the W and Buddy Groom got him out of a spot of bother in the 5th. Tanyon Sturtze is looking hittable, very hittable once more, giving up two solo shots when he came in but you just felt that this team were ready to battle it out until the final out.

Yes they got a huge break on what should've been a game ending double play when Sheffield was wrongly called safe at 1st but they had to make use of the let off. A-Rod singled up the middle putting runners on the corners for my boy Jorge Posada and he drove one deep to RF and missed a three-run walk-off round-tripper by a matter of inches but tied it up as Sheffield trotted home. A-Rod tried to score but was out by a mile sending this one to added bonus baseball.

Mariano was electric as you'd expect, I wonder if Yankee fans realise just how lucky we are to have this guy pitching for us? In the bottom of the 10th with Russ Johnson standing on 2nd, the Pirates chose to pitch to Jason Giambi and he pulled an inside fastball from Jose Mesa deep into the Bronx skyline as he finally proved he still has it in him to turn on a fastball.

His third walk-off HR in his career, his last being against the Twinkies in the bottom of the 13th on that wet n windy night at THTRB back in his first season with the ball club. I know it's only one swing but if anything is going to give him some confidence then that will. He has started to look better at the plate and has always been better when involved in the field as well. A healthy and in form Giambi is a huge bonus to this offense, it really is.

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