Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'm back

Yes after about a fortnight being away doing various activities including graduating from university, I am back to wallow in the crabiness of my beloved New York Yankees. So what have we been up to recently?

Still playing Tony Womack I see, most expensive Pinch Runner in the game. He can't hit for average or power, his OBP is as impressive as my varied diet (on that note I again went to the chippy and had saveloy, chips and a curry sauce today for lunch) and every time he is up in a key situation you wonder how he'll get out. The other day I saw him pull a ball foul but deep enough to actually be called a Home Run, I nearly had a heart attack.

In better news we have seen an upturn in the fortunes of Jason Giambi. Whilst not producing the numbers that the Yankees thought they were signing up for when he inked his contract, he is becoming more of a help to the team than a hindrance and is at this point, in my view at least, the right choice for 1st base on this team over Tino Martinez.

We have seemingly released both Mike Stanton and Paul Quantrill, news will arrive shortly on whether or not they are still part of the team. Stanton gave up the GW walk-off Home Run to Brian Roberts on Tuesday night and if that is the way he ends his time with the Yankees then it is a sad one, but he really wasn't much of a help to this team. Quantrill can go, who cares? James Anderson (2.85 ERA) has been called up from Triple-A Columbus for the short term.

The decision to give Sean Henn the ball to step in for the DL'ed Kevin Brown was a very bad one. He was still far too raw and Alex Graman or even Aaron Small at a pinch were better options at this time.

Mr Hay is getting giddy at the thought that the Yankees might move Gary Sheffield. Whilst the Yankees haven't dismissed the possibility that Sheff may be moved, the deal to the Mets for Cameron, Cairo and Heilman is not a goer. Also possibly on the trading block is my boy Jorge Posada due to not having a no trade clause, should he be moved I will not be a happy blogger.

Two names not on the block are rookies Wang and Cano who are both staying with the ball club according to team officials. The Boss is happy with their production and wants to see what moves the team can make without moving either of these two guys. I do wonder who'll be dumb eno... I mean smart enough to trade big time prospects for Tony Womack...

Yankees take on the Tigers tonight with Jeremy Bonderman coming off the most horrible line against the D'Backs on Sunday night, so he'll come back a shut us out with two-hit ball over nine innings. I'm just so positive me!

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