Monday, July 04, 2005

Game 80 from... the Green Monster

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Well the lucky hat finally lost - a strong 5-0 including a World Series victory came to an end at Fenway today, though it really shouldn't have - the Sox had many chances to win this one, both early and late.

The real highlight of the day for me, was my first experience sitting on the Green Monster - Section 10, row 2 - probably considered the worst section on the Monster as it is closest to the bleachers, but it gives you an almost head on view of the plate, and the perspective of the game, the stadium, and the city of Boston is truly stunning.

The photographs above, left to right and top to bottom, were taken from my seat - first off the classic facade of Fenway above the .406 Club, Johnny warming up in CF - and there is a worn patch on the field where he generally stands, first pitch of the game from Bronson Arroyo, and then first pitch of the bottom half from Halladay - to my credit (read luck) I actually managed to capture the pitches on their way to the plate - if you click on any of the photos you should get a larger image that reveals the ball!

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