Friday, August 12, 2005

The A-Rod update

Well after reading Neil's piece on A-Rod, I had to stick up for the Yankee 3b so here are my thoughts on the matter in hand.

A-Rod had no defense for last years actions in the ALCS so I won't even go there.

This week's first incident was on Monday against the Sox. Hitting a deep fly ball but allowing the throw to hit him to stop Sheffield being doubled up at 1st, if you believe Neil's version. Now A-Rod's back was to the ball when it hit him, but he certainly did know the direction of where the ball was going, i.e. towards first base. However after the ball is caught A-Rod has to go back to the dugout and he was walking straight back to the dugout, so I believe the ump got it right by not calling Sheffield out on A-Rod's interference.

As for the second play, A-Rod sliding into 2nd and reaching out and touching Michael Young's knee, you see that play all the time, as long as you can touch the bag you can stretch out and try and break up a double play as hard as you like. There is no problem with this play, the other one was debatable, this one I fear any debate would be short lived.

A-Rod isn't the most honest player, that slap last year proves this. He does seem to do silly things at times but in this instance I don't think he was at fault. I'd never expect to see say Bernie, Derek or Jorge make those plays, but they are a different caliber of baseball player. A-Rod likes to stretch the rules whereas others play comfortably within them.

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At 5:19 am, Anonymous emains said...

Baically it comes down to A-Rod is a jerk.

At 8:08 pm, Blogger Billy said...

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