Monday, August 01, 2005

Trade deadline verdict

I should just really leave this space blank... ... ... thereby generating as much excitement as yesterday's trade deadline.

You have to think that ESPN, with the two hour "Trade Deadline Special" edition of Baseball Tonight, were more than a little miffed that Kyle Farnsworth was the big name trade on the day.

The Sox big move was keeping Manny Ramirez, and the verdict from both the traditional press and the blogging world is that this a good thing. One or two people are of the view that this is a temporary arrangement, and that he will most certainly be gone in the winter - I have to admit that the thought crossed my mind that the Sox and Ramirez came to informal agreement that if Manny stayed now, they would move him to an 'acceptable' club in the winter.

If this is the case, let's enjoy the ride for the next few months.

None of the trade proposals that made the press made an ounce of sense for the Sox - I appreciate that the Sox perhaps had to accept some trade off between talent and dollars in any agreement, but the drop off from Manny to any single player mentioned was unbridgeable. A decent arguement can be made that Huff plus Cameron is almost equal to Ramirez and Olerud, but I think that introduces risks that the Sox didn't want to accept at this stage of the season.

As an aside, how mad must it make certain GM's that other GM's cannot keep their mouths shut? If I am a GM and I find out that the press know the exact details of a trade that I am discussing, how do I have honest discussions with that GM again in the future? I may not want Player X to know that I am thinking of trading him, as the likliehood of me completing a deal is so low, but there it is all over the media...

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At 8:28 pm, Blogger Marc C. Santos said...

Two comments:
1. Huff and Cameron are no where near Manny Ramirez, especially when it comes to the money ball numbers that Epstein values. Granted, they come at a bargin price--but their slugging and on-base percentage are far less than Ramirez's hall of fame bound numbers. Likewise, although Huff's production is solid, he'll never compete for an MVP. Manny Ramirez is the second or third best right-handed hitter in baseball--and given the numbers of our current age, that's saying something. If the Mets had offered Floyd instead of Cameron, then it might be more equal--but even getting two good hitters does not match losing one incredible one.

2. Nor general observation granted, I think the Red Sox intentionally wanted to leak the trade information. Half of the time, when "Manny-is-being-Manny," he doesn't recognize the magnitude of his statements/actions, especially in Boston's hyperactive sports media market. If Manny is going to ask to be traded because he's unhappy, then Boston management is going to show him that they are willing to put a trade together... and that he's only "worth" Cameron and Huff.

Nice blog guys.


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