Friday, August 05, 2005

Sheff? MVP? 2005? WTF?

I have just read Neil's update saying that someone on the YES network was claiming Sheff was an MVP candidate. Well I have to say I fully agree with Neil's stance that Sheff is never the MVP, as it stands Jason Giambi is arguably a better candidate from the Yankees but we have no real stand out.

So far it is Manny's to lose, but Sheffield is definitely not 'above suspicion' as it was claimed. I know I'm a Yankee fan and I have some bias but not even I could say categorically that Gary Sheffield is not on any type of drugs, the only person that could say that is Sheffield himself...

Edit: I mis-read what Neil wrote, but I think I'll leave the story up there as it shows my stupidity. As for Sheffield in the Hall, well, my boy Michael Wilbon still thinks Jason Giambi has a shot so who knows? (for me Sheff and Giambi are both long shots)

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