Friday, September 30, 2005

Just three more... or four

Well it is advantage Yankees, and for anyone to disagree is just silly - the Sox need to sweep the Empire to be guaranteed a post season spot... the Yankees just don't lose three games in a row... I know, I know they did that once, but...

It really is stunningly poised - with each team capable of delivering a true knockout punch... or with the right combination of events in Boston and Cleveland... a disappointing whimper...

So my checklist for the weekend's viewing...
  • fingernails... check
  • mute button... tomorrow night's game will only be available to me on UPN9... check
  • plentiful supply of Sam Adams and 21 year old Scotch... check
  • open IM window to taunt / be taunted by Neil M... check
  • fresh underwear... check
  • front row tickets for Saturday's matchup... check
Yep, I will be there in person on Saturday, front row, right beside the Sox dugout - I really would have preferred a Curt v Randy matchup for the sheer drama, and we need to remember that Tuesday's doubler header could still come back to bite us a second time, with Wake pitching on short rest, but it really should be something, particularly if the Sox do manage to tie things up tomorrow night, and, all things considered, Fenway is not a bad place to spend a fall afternoon in New England.

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At 11:21 am, Blogger Neil M said...

Not available on YES mate, its a UPN9 game...


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