Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Yankees Middle Relief: Gotta sack em all

Once upon a time Pokemon was a popular game, once upon a time the Yankees had some middle relief. Today neither is true and last night the Yankees hit but the pitchers didn't pitch and a big loss was the outcome.

Mike Mussina had nothing, Al Leiter was slightly better, Scott Proctor wasn't, Felix Rodriguez was awful, whoever came in next was just as bad and so on. Not a good night to be a fan of the Bombers but losses for Boston, Cleveland and the south side of Chicago meant that the Yankees lost no ground, but did pour out all the tripe we have in the 'pen.

But we've got to look forward, five games to go and everything is to play for. You just have to hope Moose genuinely sucked and wasn't pitching with an injury otherwise Sunday's game could be devastating for Yankee fans. Chacon goes tonight with Aaron Small backing him up tomorrow as the Yankees look to go into this huge series with the Sox at worst, level pegging.

Five games to go, straw poll anyone, whose going to represent the AL East, AL Central and AL Wildcard in the postseason, answers if you please, via the comments screen.

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