Friday, September 23, 2005

The season isn't finished... is it?

Well apparently, according to every website in the whole wide world, if the season finished today, the Red Sox would miss the playoffs - I love that argument, particularly as it is only flawed in one tiny, small, insignificant, minor way.

The season isn't finished.

And to cap it all off, the owners of the 'Biggest Choke in Sports History' (TM) have to come into town to close out the season... so if the Yankees arrive less than three games up, we aren't supposed to think that any Yankees fan, with the Yankees getting the 1918 treatment that we put up with for ... oh a few years... from Fox ("So Joe, no team in baseball history had lost a Series from 3-0 up, why don't we have a little highlight reel from the 2004 ALCS"), will be just a little nervous?

I would rather be ahead at this stage of the season, but as my wicked little mind sees Yankee fans in NY getting excited (and more gallingly, people that put themselves in the serious blogger category putting out articles that claim they knew this was coming, despite posts less than ten days ago saying the season was toast), the thought of crushing the spirit out of NY baseball for the second year in a row...

But just in case, could someone guarantee that the White Sox never win another game this season?

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At 6:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it wasn't a choke or disaster or blunder. the bosox were picked to win the 2004 alcs EVEN BEFORE THE FIRST PITCH OF GAME ONE.


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