Saturday, September 17, 2005

Keeps getting stranger...

Well another two wins...

I know that Neil stopped watching the Yankees, with the striped ones 11-3 ahead, and the fateful words... "that has to be safe..." the last shared words on our IM chat. Well it was, but I am guessing that there would have been a few flutters along the way.

And then the Sox win with a glorious... walk off hit by pitcher - the second hit batter of the inning - and presumably not what Ken Macha brought in Yabu to do? The key hit in the 10th for the Sox was Graffanino's double to right field... key hit... only hit! Damon ground out, moving Graff to 3rd, then the A's hit Renteria with a 5 man infield (with Ginter replacing Payton in what could be generously described as shallow LF ;-)), and intentionally walked Ortiz ahead of the walk off.

So the lead stays at 1.5, with another game off each teams schedules.

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