Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The good things about tonight...

It was a nice night in the Stadium - for all I complain about the place, the top deck, only a few rows up, right behind home plate, is a nice place to watch a game, a fantastic perspective, while still close enough to home plate to take in the small things.

The good things:
  • Craig Hansen pitched a 1-2-3 inning in his major league debut, just three months after the draft.
  • David Ortiz just carries this team.
  • I didn't have to watch the HR pose that Neil mentions - one of the 'joys' of living in suburban NY is that you need to time that trip to Harlem 125th Street just right.
  • I don't feel quite this blue, but it is close...
When your starters' pitching line for the last two nights reads -

Clement 1.1IP 8H 7ER
Wells 2.2IP 10H 4ER

how many of those games do you think your team will win?

0 threw a strike:

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