Sunday, January 01, 2006

Four-way blockbuster on the cards?

Happy 2006 Boys and Girls, hope you all enjoyed the festivities and have a fine year. The first 3,079 miles... update of the year is on the way. Shall we start with some serious hot stove action? How about a four-way blockbuster including the D-Rays, Orioles, Mets and those pesky Red Sox?

The New York Daily News is reporting that the four teams are in talks about a deal that could be the swap of the century so far. Two of the biggest stars in the game would be moving states, one of the best setup guys, three premier prospects and others could also be on the move in the next few days as the Red Sox and Orioles start to resign themselves to trading star players.

The Mets are the team that have instigated the deal as they have been after Danys Baez for a while, and from such an acorn a big tall oak tree with many various branches has grown. The reports indicate that Miguel Tejada will move to the Red Sox along with Joey Gathright from the D-Rays, to plug both the holes they have in their line-up. Manny will join the power hitting Mets along with Baez.

The Orioles would fill up the now vacant SS hole with Julio Lugo and will also add pitching depth with former #1 pick Kris Benson, who may finally find his way under the guidance of pitching guru Leo Mazzone. The Devil Rays are looking to add high-ceiling prospects and Andy Marte (Bos) and Aaron Heilman and Jae Sao (Both NYM) are thought to be the players they are after. Kaz Matsui may also come over with a bundle of $ to play SS whilst they wait for BJ Upton to learn the position.

Whilst this potential blockbuster trade is still very much in the works it could happen. Manny and Miggy are both unhappy, they seem to want moves to the Mets and Red Sox respectively and the teams are now looking to accommodate those wishes.

Should the deal go down then I think it could possibly have three winners and one loser. The Mets add a huge bat and a power setup guy, the Sox add a great SS who'll hit at three and drive in 120+ runs in Fenway and get an interesting guy in Gathright who could turn into a good player, they get rid of the Manny saga and lose a top prospect in Marte but to get Tejada, sacrifices have to be made. The D-Rays get top notch prospects in non OF positions but the Orioles lose a great player and don't get one back, the deal looks bad for them.

As a Yankee fan I'd prefer Tejada to stay away from Beantown as he's an awesome player. As a fantasy manager who took Tejada with the #2 overall pick in a keeper league then I am desperate for Tejada to be protected by Big Papi and play 81 games a season in the confines of Fenway Park.

It'll be interesting to see how this one plays out...

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At 7:40 pm, Blogger Stuart said...

If the Orioles trigger that deal, then they are just re-affirming their position as the dirtbags of the AL East.

At 1:45 am, Blogger Neil H said...

I would have to agree Stuart - if the Orioles can only get Lugo and Benson for Tejada they have a disaster of a front office.

However, I think when the press start talking about such a large deal, there is very little to it.


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