Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Oh my...Hor-Gay!

I didn't watch the game last night, I was fast asleep. If I was up watching the game I'd of been gone at 10-1 getting some much needed kip. I woke up and caught the condensed game before work this morning and oh my word, what a game, if only I lived in America and could see these games live at a regular hour day in and day out.

The Yankees got shelled, Chacon got hit harder than a Julian Dicks penalty, Aaron Small settled down a pitched decent, Proctor got hit (but he is being overused) and Mo gave up yet another run, although to be fair he is always bad in non-save situations but despite all this, the Yankees got the W when all was said and done.

Jorge juiced one with two outs in the bottom of the 9th to score both himself and Damon to end the most dramatic game of the season so far for the Bombers. Jorge had a great night hitting clean-up for the first time in 2006, driving in five and blocking the plate and tagging out Mark Teixeira who smashed into him and the Yankees catcher fell backwards but held on. From that moment you knew it was his night and it most certainly was.

Damon got aboard in the 9th through a bad hop single and whilst Jeter and A-Rod couldn't drive home the tying run, the most under rated player on the Yankees late 90's dynasty teams stepped up to the ball and crushed a 3-1 pitch into the lower bleachers in right ending a marathon.

I wish I had more time to discuss this game, I may write more later but I'm not dressed yet and I have to leave for work in eight minutes and boy I'm running late.


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