Monday, May 15, 2006

The rain in Spain

Some baseball would be nice...

I appreciate that both teams knew any games this weekend were unlikely, but the decision to start Friday night's game, and then the decsion to keep playing until it was official were just plain wrong - I can't imagine it was much fun as a hitter wiping the drips off their batting helmets then diving out the way as the ball slipped out the pitcher's hand... and hey let's not worry about the people in the stands paying for the Fenway experience...

And looking at the weather forecast for the next week in Baltimore and Philadelphia, you have to hope that the Sox have a good supply of Sudoku puzzles with them.


Some things happen infrequently enough that they deserve comment - and a 3 - 4 - 6 triple play has to count as one of them.

The last triple play before the Twins effort in tonight's ESPN Game of the Day was last May 5th when the Cardinals benefited from the Padres generosity. If Jayson Stark can write a story about triples, you know he is writing a 'Useless Information' story about a bunt into triple play - the theme could be - furthest the third man has been from safe in a triple play...

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