Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bernie shows a real lack of class

I have read several Yankee fans defend Bernie over his ejection last night but I can't defend him, and I love Bernie, but really c'mon. Bernie was thrown out last night asking taking a called strike three across the knees on the outside corner of the plate, it looked a good pitch to me, but Bernie wasn't impressed and as he strolled back to the dugout he took off his batting helmet and tossed it behind him and it landed next to Home Plate umpire Charlie Reliford and he calmly tossed out the Yankee DH.

On the day when Delmon Young was suspended for fifty games for tossing a baseball bat that hit a Minor League umpire, Bernie decided that it was time to take some of the heat off the Devil Rays former #1 overall pick and do something stupid that'll lead to a suspension of his own, most likely around the five game mark.

One thing I've been taught in my relatively young baseball life is that the New York Yankees show the epitome of class and I have to admit I haven't seen too much of it with this current group of players. Superstars are often classless individuals (heck I know I'm tarring everyone with the same brush but sod it) and the Bombers have an abundance of superstars on this team but Bernie Williams is Bernie Williams.

This guy is a career New York Yankee, he should know better and whilst I'm not disgusted by his antics I am extremely disappointed. It was just another disappointing aspect to a very poor night for the Yankees, but heck it's only one night and tonight it is Moose v Schilling, now that looks a better matchup.

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