Tuesday, May 09, 2006

A 3 game set in the Bronx

Just look at the match-ups

5/9 Johnson v Beckett
5/10 Mussina v Schilling
5/11 Chacon v Wakefield

How can any Sox or Yankee fan not be looking forward to the next three days - arguably our top 3 starters, and hopefully both sets of fans better placed to know how the season will flow come Friday morning. Though, given it is still only May, there is a long time for each team to make the changes they might need.

As an aside, will the Yankees try and jump in for Zito if the Mets push those trade talks? The Yankees don't have a Milledge level prospect, but would Beane nibble at a major leaguer (Wang?) and Hughes deal - if for nothing else, but to try and get even more out of the Mets?

The only member of the cast that really should be present, but may not be, is Gary Sheffield. And can I be cynical for just a minute... of course I can, who can stop me... would Gary's wrist injury be mysteriously cured by a quick exercise... of his contract extension? The big game for me is Wednesday's Moose v Schill - who knows which Unit will turn up tomorrow - as these guys have clearly led the respective staffs so far this year.

Can't wait!

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