Thursday, June 29, 2006

A strange feeling

Well before the series started, I did wonder what kind of treatment Pedro would get - I knew I differentiated between 7 years of artistic genius and 4 years of... well idiocy, between a Mets uniform and... well those pinstriped pj's, but clearly not everyone felt the same way.

But having watched the amazing reception that he received last night, thoughts turned to what it would actually be like to see Pedro pitch against his 'real' team - part of me wanted to see vintage Pedro, fueled by his continuing resentment (right or wrong) that the Sox didn't re-sign him, part of me just wanted to see this amazing run against the NL just keep on rolling.

Reading a few other places, the most common theme seemed to be, huge ovation, followed by... Pedro leaving shortly thereafter... and as it turned out, those wishes were granted. Pedro left after three long innings, having given up 8 runs (6 earned - presumably the Sox weren't overly concerned about Milledge's defensive skills when they looked to include him in any Manny deal with the Mets) and generally pitching as badly as we have ever seen him.

And if I am being honest... I really didn't enjoy the experience, I didn't like seeing him turn his back on home plate to watch another hit dropping, I got mad at the small section of the Fenway faithful who tried to start the taunting Pe-dro chant that should be rightfully reserved for Ro-ger... I guess I just didn't like seeing our hero look so ordinary.

But... the Sox just keep on winning, and no part of me can object to that!

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