Friday, June 16, 2006

Not much fun

This team is not much fun to watch at the moment - not because of the lack of home runs that Joe Morgan (is it just this tired Sox fan, or does Joe consistently play down the achievements of the Red Sox - I heard him once say that he was bitter that people don't remember the 1975 World Series for the Reds win, but for Fisks walk-off the day before, and I just wonder if that is it?) mentioned tonight, but because they are doing so many ugly things at the same time.

Carlos Silva came into this game with a 7.73 ERA and a 2-8 record - just what a team that has scored 3 runs in its last 21 innings needed... just be patient with him and let the lineup do the normal damage right... well here we are at 28 innings, and still only 3 runs scored.

We have guys hacking at first pitches, we have guys grounding into double plays to kill innings, we have home run balls hitting off the roof and dropping in for singles...

And of course we let Silva cruise through 6+ innings, throwing only 70 pitches...


And the Twins have just hit Cora in the top of the 8th - clearly not meant... perhaps we can get a pitcher to "retaliate" to prove that he has testicles and get himself a 5 game suspension as well - would Yankee fans not rather that Randy actually pitched well in games that matter to prove he was a true Yankee, than (try to) hit a career .250 hitter in June because the catcher threw his dummy out of the pram... well apparently, no... these Yankees aren't taking anymore BS... pity they are only the tied 6th most hit team in the majors... and none of that is because Jeter hangs his hands over the center of the plate on a day to day basis...

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