Sunday, July 02, 2006

Remember me Yankee fans?

I used to be the uglier but more amusing member of this blog, but then the World Cup happened and over here in the UK, everything else went out of the window, showers, food, social life, and arguably most importantly, baseball. Whilst I have caught every game via the condensed game facility over at, live games and me have have not crossed paths very often.

So what has been going on in Yankee land in the past fortnight or so?

A-Rod launched a monster game winning home run in the bottom of the 12th to earn the Yankees a walk off win. It seemed like the weight lifted off his shoulders but idiotic Yankee fans started booing him again on the Friday night when he didn't go 5 for 5 with 6 Home Runs. He may of cheated on the inside fastball off Jorge Sosa but who cares, the ball didn't land for a long time.

Away from A-Rod, Robinson Cano went on the DL. This means that Miguel Cairo will be the starting 2B for the next fortnight, not good, not good at all. How about sliding Andy Phillips over to 2nd and calling up Carlos Pena to start at 1st?

Erubiel Durazo was released after spending some time in the minor leagues trying to get fit. He has it in him to be a very good full-time DH in the AL, not for the Bronx Bombers though.

Aaron Small stunned Michael Kay and passed through waivers and has accepted assignment to Triple-A Columbus. I was very open in my opinion on Small over the winter, trade him whilst he had some value, sadly Cash and myself have yet to have a conversation about the future of the ball club and I suspect it's unlikely that we are to do so in the near future, however if you want to talk, my e-mail address is over there *points*

Mike Mussina and Chien-Ming Wang have both looked very impressive and even Jaret Wright has pitched as well as expected. Randy looked like a chump last night but had been turning things around. So all in all the pitching has been good enough to keep the side in games, sadly the offense has been in a long-term slump.

Melky Cabrera has hit the wall that we all expected, the Yankees may now finally be forced to trade for an outfielder, possibly Aubrey Huff of the Devil Rays as they look to play baseball in the fall. It is clear the Yankees are not keen on parting with Philip Hughes or Jose Tabata but other prospects are available. Eric Duncan's recent hot streak at Double-A Trenton is a real bonus for the club as they look to deal him over the next month.

The Red Sox have been hotter than a BBQ on the Sun in the past fortnight but they can't play at a .900 clip for the rest of the season, well I hope not anyway! Our old buddy Jeff Weaver has been DFA'ed and with the Red Sox needing a starter, you never know, he may be back in the AL East soon, and if he does, I bet he throws a CG shutout against the Bombers at some point this year.

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