Monday, August 21, 2006

Four in the books

As the sun rose and people started to rise to signal the start of another working week in sunny England, the New York Yankees were going through their post game routine of high fiving eachother on the Fenway Park diamond.

I'll get this out of the way now, I agree fully with my colleagues point here about Francona's BP management. If Papelbon starts the 8th then the Red Sox probably win. From now on it's Yankees all the way...

Still, the Yankees had to go out and take the win and that they did. Giambi hit the ball hard four times, possibly hard enough for four round trippers, although he only had two, a double and a long sac fly. He seemed locked in. In the bottom of the 9th everyone knew they just knew that Derek Jeter was going to come through in the clutch. It is just how it seems to happen.

In the bottom of the 9th Ortiz's bad hop double (read zero blame on Giambi here although very Yankee fans seem to want to rip him for this play) led off the 9th, we walked Manny, Mo's athleticism nailed Papi at third on an attempted bunt play but then JoPo allowed the runners to get to second and third with a poor defensive play. Mo walked Lowell and then just flat out blew PH Hinske away, after the first cutter missed it was pure high heat, not what I expected so something I most certainly enjoyed. Mirabelli would ground out meekly and you knew that the Yankees were big favourites in extras.

Giambi ripped his second Home Run of the night, a line drive into the Boston BP, his first HR was a soaring majestic fly, this one was out before you could blink. Craig Hansen then got A Rod to strike out before giving up a double to Robinson Cano. Jorge Posada wrapped a two run shot around the Pesky Pole and that was game.

Mariano returned to pitch a scoreless 10th to get the win, with Ortiz ending the game flying out to Aaron Guiel in RF. What I liked about this win, stratch that, what I loved about this win was the players didn't give up. After Schilling discovered he had a good feel for his splitter he was mowing down the Yankees but they hung around and didn't think 'well we've won three in a row, we don't need this' they got stuck in and ground out the victory.

Ron Villone and Scott Proctor are in dangerous territory with respects to their arms falling off but they still did the job. Giving them both two nights off would be really handy. Tonight I expect Jeff Karstens would be the guy the Yanks go to early if Lidle struggles and with Dotel and Farnsworth available late there shouldn't be a need for Villone or Proctor. Sadly it is Jaret Wright on Tuesday so I doubt they'll get two nights off on the spin.

The Yankees went out and took this game from the Red Sox, the Sox and their manager may of made it a lot easier than it should've been, but the Yankees still had to go out and take it, and go out and take it they did.

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