Friday, August 18, 2006

Lowell Error sparks Yankee victory

Neil H informs me that I concentrate too much on the Sox during these Yankees/Sox games, he may be right. Whilst the Yankees were good today it was Mike Lowell's error in the 7th on a dropped catch off the bat of Derek Jeter that started the wheels in motion. The Bombers would go on to plate four more runs in that inning and essentially win the game giving first blood in this long battle to the Yankees.

This is a bit like Sly Stallone's, The Contender, there are five rounds, two prize fighters and the first round hasn't delivered a knock-out blow. So a solid 10-9 round to the Yankees, good hitters, great patience at the plate, that was a real tick for me, and a solid outing by Wang allowing him to record his 14th win of the season.

Other good points included Mariano Rivera and Kyle Farnsworth sitting with their feet up all night. Scott Proctor came in and did a solid job and Myers got his man Ortiz. TJ Beam pitched the 9th which means that we have a handful of fresh arms for tonight's game. If Ponson came give us six then we should be delighted, however that is a pipe-dream I fear.

So a good start for the Yankees, we'll be back again to play again in just over two hours time.

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