Friday, August 25, 2006

Game 126 at Safeco Field

Well after my 6th experience of Safeco, although my first since 2002, I can safely say that Safeco is my favorite of the new stadiums, and despite the fact that it was a Yankee - Mariners game there were enough advance fans from Boston to suggest there will be a good turn out the next few days.

Surprisingly given the number of Yankee fans that were evident for the couple of days I have been here, they were very quiet for the whole game - perhaps not helped by the fact that RJ gave up 4 runs early, and the bats never really got going.

What was also entertaining, was Mariners fans giving A-Rod a lot of grief in his 9th inning PH appearance - I may have joined in to be polite. Posted by Picasa

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