Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sod this for a bag of chips

Neil H is in the Bronx.

Andy Pettitte has just walked four guys in an inning after being given a two run lead.

This team is not fun to watch.

I am not staying up to watch this.

02:23 and out.

2 threw a strike:

At 5:04 am, Blogger s1c said...

What has surprised me is no Steinbrenner explosion the last couple of games / week? Will we get one tomorrow? This is unbelievable, I really felt this would a 50 / 50 game instead it turns into a rout in the 8th and 9th?

What the H*** is going on in the Bronx?

At 8:56 pm, Blogger Pete J said...

At least you're taking it in good spirit.

Just wait till the end of May and you'll see the Yanks back in it. That rotation is starting to get healthy and just needs to shake off the ring rust.


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