Monday, April 09, 2007

The week that was - Thoughts

After Neil H posted his thoughts on what we've seen in week one - I am following the crowd (well my colleague) and doing the same.

Firstly and most importantly - isn't it fantastic that baseball is back?

Secondly - Pavano, Pettitte, Mussina, Igawa, Rasnar - oh dear. It can only get better is what they say, it says a lot that our best outing came from Pavano, he had some shocking defense behind him and kept hitting off balance with his good change of speed. It wasn't great but it was most certainly solid and he led the staff this week. Things can only get better.

Thirdly - A-Rod. You can't help but like what you are seeing from the guy, his whole demenour seems to me to scream that he is more prepared to succeed than he is scared to fail. He's not going to keep up his awesome week one form all year but he just seems to have had that fear taken away. Also he is driving the ball with authority - see the ball - hit the ball - he is good enough that he doesn't have to try and out think the pitcher, just react to what is thrown at him.

Fourthly - Dice-K - His outing was sexy.

Fifthly - The Yankees OF. Melky looks terribly overmatched so far this season and Matsui is now on the DL. Damon should return tonight and I'd like to see Kevin Thompson get the start in LF - I just like that kid.

Finally in this update - for some unknown reason I was up at 6:18 local time this morning, so I fully doubt I'll get to see Carl Pavano got tonight - which is a slight disappointment.

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