Friday, April 06, 2007

E's are good, E's are they ain't

The Shamen and Ebeneezer Goode - that song wasn't about baseball.

Another ugly three error performance by the Bronx Bombers last night and this time they couldn't overcome their pathetic defense. On a cold and bitter night in the Bronx, Andy Pettitte made his return to the house that Ruth built but pitched poorly in his coming coming in Pinstripes.

The Yankees scored six but the Rays pushed seven people over the plate - the winning run coming from a Wild Pitch by Luis Vizciano (1-1). As you all know I love over here in the UK and games are in the early morning and I rarely close down my lappy before the end of a game but last time I did.

The Yankees were woefully sloppy and quite simply did not deserve to win that game. I closed it down at 7-6 and that is where the score stayed. Hopefully the trip to the twin cities and the dome will sort out the fielding (six errors in two games is just disgusting) but on the plus side - the pressure of a 162-0 season is off, so 161-1 it'll have to be.

Just an edit - we are playing Baltimore next - I got ahead of myself but have left it up there to show what an idiot I am.

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