Friday, April 06, 2007

That boy Dice-K - He is the real deal

The Red Sox half of the blog was in a meeting yesterday whilst Dice-K was making his debut so it's down to me to report on the performance of the player I drafted two years ago in the minor league section of a fantasy keeper draft - it turned out to be an inspired move.

However the Red Sox half of the blog will be sitting on the front row of the monster on Wednesday so I think he'll take missing his away debut and seeing his home one live from the monster.

As for Dice-K - well last night he looked every bit as good as advertised. His off speed stuff saw the Royals hitters missing by yards and they were kept very off balance. One thing about Dice-K's fastball though, Varitek will set up for it and Dice-K will pitch it straight into the glove. Several times yesterday I noticed Varitek not moving an inch and the ball going straight into the glove.

Another thing about his fastball - he kept it at the knees - a very good sign.

I think this kid could be just something special. I loved his make-up when you think about the pressure he was under and he just dealt and struck out ten Major League batters on his debut. Certainly the first time round the league I can't see him giving up too much and it'll be a question of how much the hitters adjust and then Dice-K re-adjusts that will determine how great a year he'll have.

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At 12:14 am, Blogger s1c said...

I missed his pitching performance but was able to listen on WEEI. O'brien and the gang were really impressed with him.


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