Monday, March 28, 2005

2005 Predictions - the Neil H version

Both of us will post our standings, and over the course of the week we will discuss what we each think are the key questions that need answered.

AL East

NL East

Boston Red Sox

Florida Marlins

New York Yankees (WC)

Atlanta Braves (WC)

Baltimore Orioles

Philadelphia Phillies

Toronto Blue Jays

New York Mets

Tampa Bay Devil Rays

Washington Nationals

AL Central

NL Central

Minnesota Twins

St Louis Cardinals

Cleveland Indians

Chicago Cubs

Chicago White Sox

Milwaukee Brewers

Detroit Tigers

Houston Astros

Kansas City Royals

Cincinnati Reds

Pittsburgh Pirates

AL West

NL West

LA Angels of Anaheim

LA Dodgers

Seattle Mariners

San Diego Padres

Oakland Athletics

San Francisco Giants

Texas Rangers

Arizona Diamondbacks

Colorado Rockies



Twins over Yankees

Marlins over Dodgers

Red Sox over Angels

Cardinals over Braves



Twins over Red Sox

Marlins over Cardinals

WS – NL wins the ASG

Marlins over Twins

While I think many of the divisions will take the same shape this year, I really do believe that there are quite a few interesting battles this year – the AL East, West and NL West have many interesting questions, while my personal favorite this year - the NL East – has so many questions I could start asking them today and still be writing a month into the season.

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