Monday, April 04, 2005

4th Inning

BOS: R: 0 H: 1 E: 0
NYY: R: 0 H:2 E: 0

Oh David Ortiz just looked at an 0-2 slider just down the pipe, oh i enjoyed that. Millar would pop out and we'll look at the Millar 2nd inning out as Matsui brought back a Home Run, that was really quite an awesome catch. Jason Varitek grounded a nice double past A-Rod but Jay Payton would ground out to Short after swinging at a pitch over his head, as Neil H commented, 'I think we may have found a hole in his swing.'

Tony Womack leads off the 4th with his first hit as a Yankee, a bloop single to centerfield. Damn Jeter is retired and is back down to .667 for the season, I mean how poor is that? A-Rod drills a single to LF and Womack scampers round to 3rd, nice running by Womack, got to give him credit there. Sheffield lines out to Renteria and up steps our clean-up hitter for the night Ruben Sierra, now will he strike out? No but a weak ground out to Short, Sierra batting at 4? Yuk.

Baltimore are a great hitting line-up as we both know, adding Sosa is quite a coup I think and I like Jay Gibbons a lot and think he could bounce back and be a productive performer for the Birds but pitching wise, they suck. BJ Ryan, Jorge Julio and Steve Kline is a nice bp but can you name me a good Starting Pitcher who'll call Camden home this season?

If you can't, answer this question instead, will the D'Rays make it out of the basement this season?

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