Thursday, May 12, 2005

The Giambeanie

My colleague Mr Hay wrote an article on Jason Giambi just the other day and it is time for my Yankee perspective on it. I like Giambi as a guy, I think he made a bad mistake but it isn't something which is to be honest that bad in this day and age.

I want Giambi to be a success with the New York Yankees. He simply cannot hit the ball at the moment. Whether that is due to bad mechanics, too much going on in his mind, the steroids wrecking havoc with his insides, I just do not know, but he needs to get away from the Yankees for a while and should accept a spell down at AAA or down at A ball in Tampa.

He'll make it through waivers as no-one in their right mind would take on his contract so that isn't a concern for the Yankees. Although should somebody decide to take it off their hands, I doubt you'd see too many dismayed faces coming from the Yankees Front Office.

Giambi has said that there has been talk of moving to the minors but no decision has been made either way yet. He is set to start at DH for the opening game of the road trip on Friday night as he looks to get out of his funk.

I will say this though. Neil, I disagree with your thoughts about hiding him in the line-up down at 8 or 9, and strongly disagree with hitting in the 2 spot. He will see the same pitches wherever he is hitting, the fact is he is not hitting the ball because something is up with him, and to get it fixed, he needs to go away and work on it. The team is starting to find some form, it doesn't need to try and carry Giambi whilst it does so.

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